How to Get Featured on App

crown_tool_iconHello guys, here I am guiding you to get famous on! Thinking about how it’s possible? Well, being a user, all you need to get featured and famous on this app is a ‘Crown’ verified account. And this is a step-by-step tutorial that explains how are you going to do this. There are two ways by which you can get featured, they are –

  1. Manual video uploading – This way, you should know that what type of videos will work better and how to exactly do that to attract other users.
  2. Automation using Crown Tool (Find the red button above this article) – This way, you’re leaving everything for the bot made for assigning Crowns to user accounts. Just go to the hack page by clicking the red button that you see in the beginning of this article.

To be very frank, Manual Video Uploading method won’t be working for everyone. Most of the users found it a wastage of time because they never get what they are looking for. After through research on how do they feature users, we found that only good-looking and attractive profiles are getting featured on app. You can look and verify it now because this is the truth out-spoken! Just look at the verified profiles and you will find it to be true! This is why I first said that this method will not work for everyone even though you upload top-class music videos. So, let’s try something better and the easiest automation method for the other users.

Getting Featured on is Not Difficult Anymore

Seriously we didn’t like the way team promotes their app by featuring only good-looking users. That’s why we built up a Crown Tool that features every users no matter it’s a fresh or old account. And it’s all a matter of minutes by which you get a Crown’ed Musically profile by doing nothing at all. You can find the link to go to the page where you have to enter your username and hit the Submit button to make it done.

This tool enters into the servers of and assigns a Crown to the user account provided to it. Please note that sometimes the tool will ask for human verification that you must complete to get it finished. Just spend your 2-3 minutes to do that and complete the task. This is to prevent spamming and over-using of the tool.

After you got your featured successfully, don’t forget to put your valuable feedback below this article as a comment. Because that will make other users know that this one actually works for everyone. Hey, let’s just make everyone happy over the internet, okay! Good day folks.


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