Get a Musically Famous Crown and Get Featured

crown_tool_iconHey, there! This is your opportunity to dominate the very famous social network by getting a Crown! On this tutorial, I am going to teaching you how to get the Musically Crown without doing so much of activities on the app. I hope you know that this is not easy to get it done in the present circumstances of It’s true that their verification is very slow and sometimes it won’t work for everyone. If you’re one of that unlucky users, read on to know something engaging. We are going to help you to get your account featured in no time! This is a completely automatic process using a free tool that does 90% of the job for you. Before going into that, let me give you a brief introduction

This is a completely automatic process using a free tool that does 90% of the job for you. Before going into that, let me give you a brief introduction about typical featuring of which may help you in future. This app is crazy sometimes because it won’t feature any user for a long time. They will also demand extra ordinary content on profile to make it out. But what to say, we have got an amazing hack for this. That will help you to achieve the Crown which you are looking for over the past days without sleep.

Well, usually you’ll have to upload great content that may go viral inside the app and also on the other social networks. More specific, funny and regional music videos might be more attractive. So, the way you get it featured is quite simple. All you have to do is to upload awesome and funny content with trending hashtags that are popular on app. Then eventually your page will get more attention and finally you may get a Crown label assigned by itself.

The last but not least typical step is to have a large fan base, obviously! As you know, this app is getting tremendous day by day and hence there are millions of users joining every day. Why not have at least 1 million fans on your account too? That, for sure, not only will boost the reach of your videos but also will give you a chance to get featured with a Musically Crown, which means a speedy featuring, manually from the side of itself. For this, you must interact with other users by liking, commenting and sharing others’ videos. Yup, just like as you’re thinking right now, it’s a time consuming and lazy task to accomplish! But absolutely this is better than having no chance, right? My suggestion for you is to be creative while making your videos and make it go viral over the app. This will surely enhance the traffic to your page, then more people will follow you and finally you’re will get featured after a few months.

Use the Crown Hack to Getting Featured Quickly

So, it seems you don’t have enough time to spend and to build content. Don’t worry, I am also a lazy pig like you. There is always an easy way for people like us and all you have to do is to find it. If you want to get your Crown right now, then you can use the tool created by Midnight Labs just for the enthusiasts like you. You can see a red colored button on top of this article. Click on that to enter the page where we have added the bot. Using this bot, all you have to do is to, submit your username and hit the Submit button. Rest is done by the bot itself. After completing the verification in the next step, your account will get featured in three to five minutes as a maximum. This is how people verify their pages these days because no one has the time to waste. This bot does the job pretty quick and efficiently. Just have a try with this and let’s see what it does for your page.

Steps For Getting Musically Crown

  1. Click this link to reach the generator’s page.
  2. Put your username in the specified text box.
  3. Click on the green ‘Run Hack’ button
  4. Done! Now check your page.

We don’t require your password for this to be done. This ensures of not risking your account. Please understand that 99% of the websites that ask for account password is a scam and they will take away your accounts. They need your pages to scam on. We are not one of those badass people and we respect every user. We just require your username to assign the Crown to that page. If you face any issues while doing this process of assignment, let us know and we are here to rectify it as soon as possible. We are online most times and one of our admins will help you out.

This is completely an automatic process and therefore is fast and secured. You don’t need to worry about losing your account because this is highly secured and there are no safety issues at all. Thousands of people have been using this on a daily basis to get their Crowns and cent percent of them were succeeded. You can check the Comments section below to understand whether it works well for others. We have got a lot of positive feedbacks here. We hope that you’ll also get succeeded on this and if you did, please drop a comment below to let others know.


  1. Our UK server was down on 2nd February 2017 07:45 PM and is now working again.
  2. The ‘@’ symbol issue has been resolved. Now, you can put the username with or without ‘@’ and it will work normally.

We are working on the hack to remove the human verification step from the hack. We hope that we will get a solution soon within this February itself. Therefore, you can generate the Crown in a more easy way, without downloading any apps to verify that you are human. Until that please cooperate on the verification and complete it properly to finish the hack. Thanks for reading and we welcome your feedbacks below in comments.


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